Civil law

* Legal advice and representation in civil litigation;
* Legal assistance / representation in non-contentious proceedings;
* Complaints to enforcement, assistance / representation in the phase of enforcement;
* Recognition of foreign judgments;

Property right:

* Actions for recovery of possession;
* Property register, ownership registration / deregistration mortgages in the land;
* Advice on the conduct of real estate development projects:

* Analysis of property deeds, applicable legislation, funding, authorization;
* Finding action;
* Share holders;
* Actions confessors / deniers on the right of servitude, superficie, habitation, usufruct;
* Usurpation;
* Accession estate;
* Actions evacuation;
* Partition, exit ownership;

Civil contracts:

* Negotiation, drafting in the form attested: contracts of sale, rental, lease, loan, lease, grant, loan, contract, office, warehouse, annuity maintenance transaction.

Inheritance law:

* Testamentary litigation;
* Succession;
* Partition succession;