I. Description of services

Legal advice and representation for companies:
– Setting up of companies with investors from all over the world,
– Hosting registered office and secretariat for companies,
– Advice and representation for the beginning and business growth,
– Drawing up development projects,
– Conclusion of contracts for the start your business
– Obtaining authorizations and approvals public authorities, the environment, etc. required to run your business,
– Support for mergers and acquisitions or setting up a joint venture.
Recoveries flow rates, sale of goods placed on loans as security and judicial liquidation; assistance in the negotiation and the drawing up of contracts; assistance and representation before the authorities;
FORMULATING and supporting civil actions, criminal, in the justice system; assistance in the framework of the negotiations; g.protection of copyright and related rights; the representation in front Romanian authorities for recording invention, the trade mark,your logo ; preparation of documentation for recording invention,mark,patent , logo to O. S. I. M.; the translation applications, patents,inventions,etc.;
Assistance and representation in court in the case in which the authors’ rights are violated;
Judicial Experize, expertise extrajudicial documents carried out by certified experts in chemistry, organic chemistry, petrochemical plants, carbon chemistry, rubber and plastics, in accordance with the legislation in force; advice on development of new technologies of products and industrial expertise in chemistry, petrochemistry polymers.

II Ways of collaboration :
– End-to-end services ,a long-term basis,short and medium, etc.
– Hourly consultations, Weekly, monthly;
– Services for a desired range,

Therefore, we have widespread availability, legal support,for the implementation of complex projects,solving problems unforeseen and urgent.
Adaptation to the characteristics and needs of the customer is one of the basic elements of the value provided by our cabinet law firm, by reason of the selection of the most appropriate forms of cooperation.